We provide SharePoint consulting services for your business

We combine the best business and technical skills to provide pragmatic SharePoint advice to our clients. We build beautiful and functional Intranets based on business needs and create useful collaboration solutions driven by how our clients work and what they do.
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Based out of Vancouver, Canada the consultants at Dynamic Owl share a love for technology and for enabling businesses to reach their SharePoint potential. We approach every opportunity with the following core beliefs:

  • We don’t believe in starting from scratch.Our SharePoint experts have deep experience in a wide range of industries and verticals. We have frameworks for each of our offerings that provide guidance, predictability and consistency in our approach.
  • SharePoint is not just about technology; SharePoint projects are about people, processes, and information.We combine deep business and technical expertise to make sure that we address all three, to provide you with a solution that makes a tangible difference in your organization.
  • We are experts in out-of-the-box SharePoint configuration.
    We leverage the out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities before implementing custom code but will also provide custom development when needed to enhance or provide additional possibilities. Whatever the approach is, we aim to create a solution that is maintainable, easier to upgrade and maximizes your value with SharePoint.
  • We love sharing our stories and leveraging our previous experiences, successes and mistakes.Not only do we learn from them, we carry the lessons through to each next challenge.
  • We enjoy working on the implementation as much as the strategy.We can jump from the 30,000 ft view down into the weeds, as the project requires, and we’re comfortable in both places.


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